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Why are you here?

I mean, not just here on my website but actually here in existence?  

Most of us float through life as though we'll find the answer on a shelf or a hanger whilst out shopping.  That's not the case my friend, I'm afraid.  Your reason for being can't be bought or sold. In fact, it's not even proffered for free as a child for consideration during the aging process.

Instead, we're left to work it out for ourselves, some of us piecing it together slowly and others losing the plot completely along the way.

If you're still reading this then I'm thinking that you've considered your existence recently and that you're curious about finding answers.

Some of you reading this may know me however some of you are visiting my website for the first time.  If that's you, a joyous hello and welcome to Nicolette Yoga & Coaching (NYC).  If you already know me, a big thank you for coming back.

What's Your Reason for Being?

Are you wondering what's next and so wandering aimlessly through most days?

Perhaps you're just trying to make sense of your own thoughts and emotions and how they affect your relationships.

It took me a while to find my reason for being so I understand what it's like to wander and wonder.

So I'm here to help you determine what's tripping you up. What's preventing you from being the very best you can be. To see clearly what's blocking your way as you navigate ahead?

With this clarity and awareness comes choice, creation and change... and it's all implemented by you. Powerful stuff!

As a Life and Wellness Coach, I create a non-judgemental and open space for you to find clarity, make time for reflection and question your limited beliefs/negative self talk.  

The coaching process confidently holds your hand and walks beside you as you take positive action steps towards change.  

I predominantly work with women however if you're a guy and also looking to realign with what matters most to you in your life right now then I would be delighted to serve you too.

This is about YOU and I invite you to consider the following three questions....

What would you like to change?

Why don't you have it already?

What's possible when we work together?

Click on the tab below if you're ready to step out of your comfort zone and explore how powerful you truly are.

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What coaching clients have said...

My life and career has been relatively successful. However, in my early thirties I hadn’t appreciated that I had lost the connection with myself and what my ‘big picture’ was. I had been letting my health and fitness deteriorate, letting relationships guide my choices and not appreciating that I am in the driving seat of my life. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t introspectively discover it.
I find Nicolette to be an inspiring person and she brought this inspiration to the coaching sessions.



SAT 18 MARCH 2017

The March 2017 Intention Setting workshop was an absolute success and I'd like to thank everyone who booked and attended.

Some great feedback demonstrated that having a safe and guided space to lay down the foundations for what you'd like to have in your life is much needed and often neglected. Please do take a read here.

Thank you to Tash, owner of Prana Yoga for manifesting such a beautiful and tranquil space. Thank you to Aiste for supporting the day with her presence and assistance.

Watch this space for future yoga practices at Prana Yoga.

Regents University

On Saturday 11 March 2017 at Regent's University, London I attended the first Lifestyle Prescription Forum in London for ALL health practitioners.

It's aim is to bring awareness to the importance of treating the root-cause of disorders thus empowering the patient or client to take responsibility for their own health through lifestyle changes.

After the forum, I was fortunate enough to be able to interview the Founder of Lifestyle Prescriptions, Johannes R. Fisslinger.

You can join the movement to take back your health and register for the Lifestyle Medicine Summit on 1-7 June 2017 an online health conference with guest health speakers. It's FREE so Visit http://lifestyleprescriptions.org/summit/ 

Read more about it in this month's Blog Special as I share my experience of the day.

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APCTC Shortlisted Women's Mentor 2016

APCTC Award Winner Health and Well-Being Coach 2015

APCTC Shortlisted Health Coach 2014