On Saturday 11 March 2017 at Regent's University, London I attended the first Lifestyle Prescription Forum in London for ALL health practitioners.

It's aim is to bring awareness to the importance of treating the root-cause of disorders thus empowering the patient or client to take responsibility for their own health through lifestyle changes.

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Spiritual practice has its roots in teaching us to stay in our greatest challenge and overcome it rather than fleeing. But what does that look like? How can you stay in your challenge? 

Here’s the second of my 8 steps to managing a challenging life and rising above it with courage and action.

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Spiritual practice has its roots in teaching us to stay in our greatest challenge rather than fleeing. Are you one to flee? How can you stay in your challenge?

Here’s the first of my 8 tips to support you during challenging times and help you rise above your challenges with grace and power.

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There has been much research conducted on what Alzheimer’s Disease is, how to treat it and what coping strategies to put into place when living with it after diagnosis.  All of this has been essential to the understanding of this incurable disease. 

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woman sleeping

What time do you rest your weary head at night?  What time do you wake up?  Do you feel rested upon waking?

As women we have a natural tendency to take on responsibility for everything that surrounds us from family and friend commitments to household tasks and business harmonising.

That’s a mighty weight we’re carrying and it often takes some convincing to realise that we should drop a few sandbags for our air balloon to soar a little higher.

It’s essential therefore that as professional business women we exude a persona of excellence, inspiration and knowledge.

One sure way to ensure this is by having enough rest and sleep.



Nicolette Wilson Award Image

The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants interviewed Nicolette Wilson in their Expert Spotlight feature about her fabulous win of the APCTC Health and Well Being Coach of the Year 2015.

Nobody is born a coach - a coach is something you become over time. Few grow up wanting to be 'teachers' of sorts, although Nicolette Wilson is a rare breed. She grew up knowing she wanted to teach and help others, but was actively discouraged from that pursuit as a teenager. Decades on, she now embodies the notion of teacher - empowering others through the practices of yoga and Pilates, as well as mindfulness and well being.  Read more.... 


As a professional woman, what would you say is your biggest asset? I expect if I was asking this question amongst a group of men and women, there’d be a few less than desirable responses flying around that would be smiled half-heartedly at.  If you’re challenged for an answer or just feeling modest, I would honestly say it’s your brain.

As we age, our brain shrinks in volume and there’s a decrease in the white matter that communicates with the rest of the body.  Research has even shown that there are gaping gaps within the brain where nerve tracts have shrivelled.  Plus where neuron meeting points shrivel reducing the fluidity of message sending, the incidence of Parkinson’s disease becomes greater. 

The front of the brain is where we decline most.  This is known as our ‘control centre’ because it controls how we express our emotions, problem solving, memory, judgement, language and our sexual behaviour.  It controls how we communicate and defines our personality.

When we realise this it becomes extremely clear how important it is to ensure that we constantly nourish and respect our grey matter. As a professional woman in business your brain is being challenged daily so that you can make informed and immediate decisions, reason, communicate, calculate and make valid judgements.  

Did you know that unless you incorporate a strategy to keep your brain alive it will slowly die just like a dwindling business relationship that has lost its fire?

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Listen to our resident Nutritional Consultant discussing the present concerns about sugar and it's excessive usage in processed foods.

You can contact Eleanor directly: +44 (0) 7864 559693 or Email:



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Yinka is one of my committed yoga students and recently she has embarked upon her own empowering journey by stepping into the unknown within a familiar environment.  

She is a Business Strategist and Marketing Expert who wants to reach out to women with/without children, who run businesses or have high powered careers and who feel the pressure of time and are constantly striving for more.

She says, "My research has shown how alone [women] can feel in their world, often looking at their lives through the lenses of men, society......although they are often really accomplished, they feel 'less than', guilty or inadequate... But they'd rarely admit it.

I want to reach out to them as someone who knows and lives their reality, and knows how to help them reach the life of their dreams in every area."

So if you're a Female Entrepreneur, female business owner, Mumtrepreneur or know of a lady who fits these descriptions then this is the blog you and she should be reading every morning to remind you how absolutely amazing you are!


"As we wake from the weekend (and I hope it was a nourishing one for you), and consider the week ahead... In looking at the choices before us: "go big" or "play it small", "show up and be seen" or "be anonymous and low key" - one of the key factors that we will feature in our decision-making (consciously or otherwise) is going to be the critics. The naysayers. The perennial peanut gallery of "feedback givers".

The critics are always there, and boy do we know it.  They always have something to say. And are always “graciously” working to make sure you know what wasn't great or perfect, and that you get your "feedback" from them on how you "could have done it better".

Some of them mean well - others not so much - but like I said, they are always there and so we have choices to make about how we handle them... like the sun - they are inevitable, so our handling of them is really important if we are to choose the path that serves us best.

That path is a scary anyway – these wonderful individuals make it, no less so.

I was reminded of the critics this morning, because I have been giving them too much say over my affairs recently. And they do nothing but get you down.

See you can always devise strategies to handle the critics in others - but what about the critic in your own head, that speaks in your very own voice and goes below the belt every time with your deepest, most private of fears:

"What if I'm not enough? Or what if my idea is crap? Or they just laugh at me embarrassing myself?"

"What do I have to offer that's really unique or different, when there are 35,000 other people better qualified, smarter, thinner and richer than I am doing what I want to do?"

"Ooooh, look at you - don't you feel like a fraud? You're good for the chat, but you need to take your own advice"

"What if I fail?"

That's the critic that I need to learn to deal with, as that one always has access to me, and can stop me even before I start.

That’s the critic that can really stop me getting into the arena and coming out with my best fight – that’s the critic that I need to stop.

So if you've decided that you want to go big, and show up and be seen in your business, work or life - that you are going out into the "arena" and you are going to fight it out with the things that come your way, what can you do about the critics?"

Find out by emailing Yinka at

Let her know that you'd like to receive daily inspirational blogs from her and that you were directed from me.

Stay tuned for the next excerpt. 

"So here's some tough love for a Monday morning....Cause the fact is, you are NEVER going to feel like doing the things that are going to truly change your life... there are way too many things going on, they are big, they feel scary, and there are no guarantees which means that its risky.
So know that, and take heart in knowing that no one ever feels like making the changes they need to - that goes for the people who don't do anything different, and those that go on to do extraordinary things.
Who wants to go the extra mile? Hell, who wanted to go the non-extra miles in the first place? Who wants to go to the gym  and sweat and cry to burn the calories? Who wants to put down the delicious, hot sweet dessert? Who wants to make a difficult call? Meet a difficult client or go for a big scary contract - NO ONE!!
And the difference between those who are happy to lie to themselves and everyone else about being "fine", and those who decide "fine" is crap, and go for the amazing - is just one simple difference.
They both feel the same, and yet the results are so different.
Find out 'How?' by emailing Yinka at

Let her know that you'd like to receive daily inspirational blogs from her and that you were directed from me.

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"....Now I've NEVER been a yoga bunny.
I didn't even really understand what it was all about, and having not tried it before - I just knew it was never going to be for me! (funny how we are so sure about things we know nothing about huh!)
And oh how wrong I was...
Yoga has made my training, sleeping, posture - all of it, so much better. 
And now I cannot stop recommending it to people. I am so glad that I gave myself the chance to be proven wrong - and I must be pretty persuasive as I've even managed to get my husband, Shola to join a class - who has also been extolling the virtues of it.
But honey, when I say I was BAD at yoga... it's like an understatement. It's totally not in me to be so still, and it has been a real struggle. And I couldn't understand why....."
Find out why by emailing Yinka at
Let her know that you'd like to receive daily inspirational blogs from her and that you were directed from me.


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Have you noticed any bat-wing arms recently?  The hanging flesh under your arms when you hold them up?

If this is you, then this amazing exercise for the triceps is exactly what you need.

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As professional women, there are many tides that we swim against in business aren’t there? 

From not getting promoted as quickly as men in some companies to not being paid the same wage as men for the same job in others.  That’s if you’re employed.  If you run your own business like me, then it’s mainly about being taken seriously by men and sometimes swimming against the fear tide of other women!

Even so, we’ve come a long way since our mother and grandmother’s era of being told to limit our expectations but we still haven’t quite reached a 50/50 balance in the workforce today.  Presently only around 4% of the world’s major corporations are run by women meaning that around 96% of men run the biggest companies! To be a woman in business today it helps to be tenacious, robust, the owner of your achievements and willing to cultivate your ambitions plus nurture your developments. 

On the less gusto side though, I think it’s also necessary to be compassionate, gracious, loving, patient, empathetic, flexible, know when to ask for help, be able to bring people together for one common cause and ultimately be able to listen. Here’s my concern though.  Much of that is impossible if you’re forever tired, stressed, hungry, coping with another headache, unable to productively concentrate, chasing your tale and have no work/life balance. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that as much as I can’t reduce your stress load, give you more sleep, organise a dinner or play date with your family or clear your mind, I can offer you a glimmer of hope....

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Is sugar bad for me?? I hear this question a lot and the answer is not a simple yes or no. Sugar, like most things, in proportion is not bad for you and a small amount is recommended in your diet. The problem arises when we consume sugar in excess and here lies a bigger problem… do we really know how much sugar we’re eating?

Sugar is hidden in many products we consume today, ranging from the obvious to the not so obvious. We know there’s sugar in chocolate bars, sweets, cakes and biscuits but what a lot of consumers don’t know is about the sugars hidden in products such as ready meals, cereal bars, yoghurts, bread, cereals and the list goes on. This then leads us on to a scarier thought; if we didn’t even know it was in there we sure as hell don’t know how much is in there, and let me tell you it’s not pretty!

Did you know that the recommended daily allowance for women is 6 teaspoons and for men 9 teaspoons, in a simple can of fizzy drink there can be 8 teaspoons of sugar?!


It is useful to be aware of the two different forms of sugar; simple sugars and complex sugars.

Simple sugars are released quickly into the bloodstream therefore giving you a sugar high and a resulting sugar crash. This will cause you to crave further sugary products to give you that sugar high again. The jury is still out on whether you can be physically addicted to sugar however I think we need to be well aware that this sugar crash and the resulting craving for further sugary foods is a form of addiction and can lead to serious health problems.

Complex sugars are known as ‘good’ sugars as they are released slowly into the body, giving you a steady stream of energy therefore avoiding such dramatic energy highs and lows.

Simple sugars are found in refined foods such as white bread, white pasta, cakes, biscuits and also some natural products such as fruits and milk products. These simple sugar products are known as ‘empty calories’ as they more often than not have no nutrients meaning all your consuming is the simple sugars with no vitamins, minerals, proteins or other necessary nutrients.

I suggest swapping these for the more nutrient dense, slow releasing, complex versions such as brown bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.


So here's our battle, how do we cut sugar out when we don’t know what we’re eating. In today’s fast paced society where quick, easy and convenient foods are sometimes the only option this is easier said than done.

Here’s 6 simple tips for you to try:

  1. Avoid ready meals, pre-packaged sandwiches, pasta salads
  2. Stick to 2 pieces of fruit a day; while fruit is good for you it is full of natural sugars, so make up the rest of your 5 a day with vegetables
  3.  Avoid low fat products; when removing the fat in products sugar is added to improve flavour. It would be better for you, and more beneficial to weight loss, to have some natural fats than added sugars
  4. Have regular snacks to maintain your blood sugar levels, when your sugar levels drop you crave sugary foods. Avoid these cravings by keeping snacks on you such as unsalted nuts, vegetable sticks or oatcakes. Try to have something to eat every 2-3 hours
  5. Don’t be fooled into thinking sugar is only in sweet products, it is also hidden in savoury products such as pasta sauces etc.
  6. Lastly be that person in the shop checking all the packets for the ingredients, there’s no shame in checking what you’re putting into your body. Ingredients are listed from the highest volume ingredient to the lowest volume ingredient so you know if sugar is first, second or third on the list the product is far too high in sugar! Also look out for other names for sugar such as sucrose, fructose and dextrose


Sugar is becoming the enemy of the plate due to the rise in diet related obesity and high cholesterol which in turn can lead to heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. However we can avoid this and make sugar our friend if we just start to pay attention to how much sugar we’re putting into our bodies and engage in mindful eatinG.

Trust in yourself and not the big corporations to give your body what it needs. 

Listen to Healthy Wandsworth Radio Show - Living a Sugar Free Life

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Eleanor Hall, Nutritional Consultant

You can contact Eleanor directly: +44 (0) 7864 559693 or Email:


As we spiral deeper into a digital age of smaller, faster and “I want it yesterday!” we become further removed from our thoughts.  We download, pre-programme and plug ourselves into all sorts of distractions from real life and deliberately fill our mental gaps to avoid hearing ourselves think. We spend more time interfacing than interacting and wonder why we often feel lost and confused about life.

Yoga seems to be a buzz word at the moment that means different things to different people, causing confusion as to what it really is. Some use it physically to lose weight or become stronger, others use it mentally or spiritually to quieten their mind and get to know themselves.

In fact, it is all of these objectives and more.



Previously, I've written an article for the online magazine Nuit Magazine explaining some of the yoga practises that derived from Hatha [read here] and explaining what yoga is.

Today I would like to give you even more of an insight into it.

In the west, we mainly only recognise the physical practice of yoga and some people have recognised it so well that they're making an absolute fortune from it.

I say this with no negative intention just a bit of disappointment that the true essence of yoga has been watered down and much of its powers and benefits therefore lost.  

Yoga isn't just about losing weight, binding your leg behind your head, or making pretzel-like shapes with your limber body.  These are easy and accessible entrances into it and are some of the benefits of it but it's not what yoga is about.

Yoga itself is a way of life and a philosophy with principles and objectives. The ultimate objective is to quieten the mind, have control over our thoughts and therefore attain inner peace, happiness and mental freedom.  

There are six disciplines (six ways to practice yoga) that when practised wholeheartedly aim to draw us closer to its objectives: happiness and mental freedom.  

Here are two in the hope that it will help you understand and de-mystify the practice of yoga a little more.

Two Disciplines of Yoga

Bhakti Yoga
This is the complete devotion to the higher being (aka God) and the belief and acknowledgement that there is something bigger and greater than us within the universe.  

Raja Yoga
This is the ability to control the mind and emotions through meditation resulting in inner peace, happiness and mental freedom.

We all have the capacity to resonate with these two disciplines at different levels in our lives and we'll be drawn to what feels true to our core.

The physical practice of yoga incorporates these two disciplines and depending on how much it focuses on each one will determine which derivative of Hatha yoga it is.

For example, Sivananda yoga focuses less on postures (only 12 set poses) and more on meditation, chanting and learning (vedanta).

So ultimately, the physical practice of yoga helps to bring us closer to these two disciplines so that we may find our true purpose in life (dharma).

What's our true purpose in life?  To be happy and free from negative thought.



In one of my previous blogs I suggested that you choose who you wish to be.  How's that going for you?

Have you chosen yet whether you wish to be miserable, the passenger in life and unhappy or positive, the captain of your life and happy?

Every day's another opportunity to be your best, so if you haven't chosen yet why not start today.

When I teach group classes, one of the most popular questions I get asked by the student is, "What type of yoga do you teach?"

I often struggle with this answer because there is only one type of physical yoga called Hatha however there are untold new derivatives of it invading our studios today. These yogas all add to the familiar practices of Ashtanga, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Anusara and Sivananda. They all have their foundations in Hatha yoga.

What's Hatha Yoga?

Hatha means forceful, willful and when broken down the word 'ha' means sun and 'tha' means moon.  The union of the sun and moon which relates to both the masculine active side of us and the feminine receptive side.  

Hatha yoga aims to unite or yoke the mind with the body and create balance within us. We can learn when to surrender and when to give effort. It does this by paying particular attention to postures, breathing and meditation.

By having a strong, flexible body and a connection to the breath our main energy channel of the body (the spine) can open.  Now energy can freely flow to connect the mind with the body so that we can control our thoughts.

This is the start of the journey towards yoga.


Delicious Tea to Protect and Support You During the Cold Spells

Almost everyone I speak with recently is at war with their body as they fight the invasion of a cold or flu.

Without sounding like I'm gloating, I haven't been attacked yet and I'm doing as much as I can to ensure I remain protected.

I'd love to share with you a very simple remedy that keeps me warm on the inside as the temperature outside lowers.  It really helps to keep me free from cold and flu symptoms and works best when actioned regularly and consistently.

Delicious Hot Peppermint Tea

There are a plethora of health benefits for incorporating peppermint into your diet however here I'd like to focus solely on the rewards of using the leaves (dried or fresh) as tea.

Peppermint has extremely high levels of flavonoids which are antioxidants.  One of their functions is to protect us against the toxins present in the environment.  It's like our own environmental bodyguard but you have to consume flavonoids to be protected. Peppermint tea is a great way to do this.

Peppermint is also a wonderful pain reliever so ideal when you have a pounding headache caused by the cold or flu.  It also relaxes smooth muscle tissue which is why it's so brilliant for relieving tummy upsets and excellent for relieving sore throats.

I choose to use dried peppermint tea leaves just because they last longer in the jar and are always available to use.  Ideally you'll need a tea pot with a strainer or a separate tea strainer for a mug or cup.  

How to Prepare
Simply boil the kettle, put 2 - 3 teaspoons of dried peppermint leaves 
(dependent on desired strength) in a tea pot strainer and add hot water. If you prefer a mug or cup instead then just place your desired amount of peppermint dried leaves in the tea strainer which will be over your mug or cup and add hot water. You can leave the strainer on top of the mug or cup for a while before removing it to make it stronger if you wish. Tea strainer are wonderful tools and there are various designs so find the one that suits you.

Add whatever sweeteners you wish ie honey, agave, maple syrup or unrefined sugar.  No milk is needed.

Even Simpler and Quicker
If you're on the go a lot like me, then just carry some convenient peppermint tea bags around with you and drink whenever you find hot water and a clean cup.  Even better carry your own mug! There are so many choices of mugs available to buy right now so there's no excuse really.