Delicious Tea to Protect and Support You During the Cold Spells

Ginger and Lemon Tea

If you've been nursing a cold or the flu for a while, there's a chance that just drinking peppermint tea might become a little tiresome after a while. When I was in India a few years ago, I asked for a ginger and lemon tea prior to my meal at a restaurant. The waiter returned with half a lemon in a saucer and some chopped ginger at the bottom of a cup filled with hot water.

I laughed at myself as I became aware of my shocked reaction based on my pre-conceived expectations of a teabag in hot water. How spoilt I'd become back in the UK. It awoke me to the fact that I had become quite lazy in my tea preparations back home.  What other food preparations did I not want to take time over when I had the chance? It was a great awakening and so now I make tea from scratch whenever I can. I find it such an experience.

How to Prepare
Peel and chop some ginger (about half a thumb's length or more dependent on desired strength) and squeeze half or a whole lemon. Put them into a tea pot. Adjust the measurements if you are using a cup or mug.

Boil the kettle and add the hot water to the ingredients in the teapot.  Leave to infuse and drink whilst hot or warm.  Add your preferred sweeteners to taste (optional).

Even Quicker and Simpler
Once again, if you're on the go just carry ginger and lemon teabags around with you.  Ty to ensure that you don't purchase the flavoured brands only the purest ingredients for optimal benefits.