Are you like the lion in the Wizard of Oz?  Wanting to make change but fearful of doing it?

Are you in a job that just doesn't make you smile when you wake up? Or perhaps your relationship has run its course? Would you like to feel courageous enough to act on what you'd like to change?

It's often the small things that we do that bring us closer to reaching our goals. Sometimes they're really unrelated and at other times they're so close we actually feel like we've hit the bullseye when we achieve them.

Believe it or not, handstands is one of those small things.  They can help us to see clearly that with support and the right guidance on our 'change' journey we can achieve everything we want.

Let me ask you a question.  When was the last time you stood on your hands?


No wonder it sounds weird or feels scary when you consider trying it.  Even walking was a conquest for us at one time but we made it happen in order to progress and develop. 

If you're presently challenged with decision-making, scared of change or just love having fun, laughing and being around like minded people then why not consider handstands as one of those small things that can help you break out of your comfort zone and instil inner confidence.

My goal as a Yoga & Pilates Teacher and a Health & Well-being Expert is to empower women and instil courage within them so that they believe they can make daily positive changes and reach their full potential with ease, compassion and self-love.

Most of us want to feel happy with who we are and with the choices we make however it's challenging to do this if we stay in the same place.

My handstand workshops are delivered so that you you feel safe, well guided and completely understood on the day.  Imagine how you'll feel trying something you thought you could never do? You'll no longer be in the same place plus you'll feel exhilarated, liberated and definitely ready to propel forwards into the unknown.


I run handstand workshops about twice a year and previous feedback has demonstrated that they are the conduit that can take you from intention with fear to intention with action. 

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I look forward to guiding in 2015.