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As professional women, there are many tides that we swim against in business aren’t there? 

From not getting promoted as quickly as men in some companies to not being paid the same wage as men for the same job in others.  That’s if you’re employed.  If you run your own business like me, then it’s mainly about being taken seriously by men and sometimes swimming against the fear tide of other women!

Even so, we’ve come a long way since our mother and grandmother’s era of being told to limit our expectations but we still haven’t quite reached a 50/50 balance in the workforce today.  Presently only around 4% of the world’s major corporations are run by women meaning that around 96% of men run the biggest companies! To be a woman in business today it helps to be tenacious, robust, the owner of your achievements and willing to cultivate your ambitions plus nurture your developments. 

On the less gusto side though, I think it’s also necessary to be compassionate, gracious, loving, patient, empathetic, flexible, know when to ask for help, be able to bring people together for one common cause and ultimately be able to listen. Here’s my concern though.  Much of that is impossible if you’re forever tired, stressed, hungry, coping with another headache, unable to productively concentrate, chasing your tale and have no work/life balance. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that as much as I can’t reduce your stress load, give you more sleep, organise a dinner or play date with your family or clear your mind, I can offer you a glimmer of hope....

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