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Yinka is one of my committed yoga students and recently she has embarked upon her own empowering journey by stepping into the unknown within a familiar environment.  

She is a Business Strategist and Marketing Expert who wants to reach out to women with/without children, who run businesses or have high powered careers and who feel the pressure of time and are constantly striving for more.

She says, "My research has shown how alone [women] can feel in their world, often looking at their lives through the lenses of men, society......although they are often really accomplished, they feel 'less than', guilty or inadequate... But they'd rarely admit it.

I want to reach out to them as someone who knows and lives their reality, and knows how to help them reach the life of their dreams in every area."

So if you're a Female Entrepreneur, female business owner, Mumtrepreneur or know of a lady who fits these descriptions then this is the blog you and she should be reading every morning to remind you how absolutely amazing you are!


"As we wake from the weekend (and I hope it was a nourishing one for you), and consider the week ahead... In looking at the choices before us: "go big" or "play it small", "show up and be seen" or "be anonymous and low key" - one of the key factors that we will feature in our decision-making (consciously or otherwise) is going to be the critics. The naysayers. The perennial peanut gallery of "feedback givers".

The critics are always there, and boy do we know it.  They always have something to say. And are always “graciously” working to make sure you know what wasn't great or perfect, and that you get your "feedback" from them on how you "could have done it better".

Some of them mean well - others not so much - but like I said, they are always there and so we have choices to make about how we handle them... like the sun - they are inevitable, so our handling of them is really important if we are to choose the path that serves us best.

That path is a scary anyway – these wonderful individuals make it, no less so.

I was reminded of the critics this morning, because I have been giving them too much say over my affairs recently. And they do nothing but get you down.

See you can always devise strategies to handle the critics in others - but what about the critic in your own head, that speaks in your very own voice and goes below the belt every time with your deepest, most private of fears:

"What if I'm not enough? Or what if my idea is crap? Or they just laugh at me embarrassing myself?"

"What do I have to offer that's really unique or different, when there are 35,000 other people better qualified, smarter, thinner and richer than I am doing what I want to do?"

"Ooooh, look at you - don't you feel like a fraud? You're good for the chat, but you need to take your own advice"

"What if I fail?"

That's the critic that I need to learn to deal with, as that one always has access to me, and can stop me even before I start.

That’s the critic that can really stop me getting into the arena and coming out with my best fight – that’s the critic that I need to stop.

So if you've decided that you want to go big, and show up and be seen in your business, work or life - that you are going out into the "arena" and you are going to fight it out with the things that come your way, what can you do about the critics?"

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"So here's some tough love for a Monday morning....Cause the fact is, you are NEVER going to feel like doing the things that are going to truly change your life... there are way too many things going on, they are big, they feel scary, and there are no guarantees which means that its risky.
So know that, and take heart in knowing that no one ever feels like making the changes they need to - that goes for the people who don't do anything different, and those that go on to do extraordinary things.
Who wants to go the extra mile? Hell, who wanted to go the non-extra miles in the first place? Who wants to go to the gym  and sweat and cry to burn the calories? Who wants to put down the delicious, hot sweet dessert? Who wants to make a difficult call? Meet a difficult client or go for a big scary contract - NO ONE!!
And the difference between those who are happy to lie to themselves and everyone else about being "fine", and those who decide "fine" is crap, and go for the amazing - is just one simple difference.
They both feel the same, and yet the results are so different.
Find out 'How?' by emailing Yinka at yinka@callasuccess.com.

Let her know that you'd like to receive daily inspirational blogs from her and that you were directed from me.

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"....Now I've NEVER been a yoga bunny.
I didn't even really understand what it was all about, and having not tried it before - I just knew it was never going to be for me! (funny how we are so sure about things we know nothing about huh!)
And oh how wrong I was...
Yoga has made my training, sleeping, posture - all of it, so much better. 
And now I cannot stop recommending it to people. I am so glad that I gave myself the chance to be proven wrong - and I must be pretty persuasive as I've even managed to get my husband, Shola to join a class - who has also been extolling the virtues of it.
But honey, when I say I was BAD at yoga... it's like an understatement. It's totally not in me to be so still, and it has been a real struggle. And I couldn't understand why....."
Find out why by emailing Yinka at yinka@callasuccess.com.
Let her know that you'd like to receive daily inspirational blogs from her and that you were directed from me.