As a professional woman, what would you say is your biggest asset? I expect if I was asking this question amongst a group of men and women, there’d be a few less than desirable responses flying around that would be smiled half-heartedly at.  If you’re challenged for an answer or just feeling modest, I would honestly say it’s your brain.

As we age, our brain shrinks in volume and there’s a decrease in the white matter that communicates with the rest of the body.  Research has even shown that there are gaping gaps within the brain where nerve tracts have shrivelled.  Plus where neuron meeting points shrivel reducing the fluidity of message sending, the incidence of Parkinson’s disease becomes greater. 

The front of the brain is where we decline most.  This is known as our ‘control centre’ because it controls how we express our emotions, problem solving, memory, judgement, language and our sexual behaviour.  It controls how we communicate and defines our personality.

When we realise this it becomes extremely clear how important it is to ensure that we constantly nourish and respect our grey matter. As a professional woman in business your brain is being challenged daily so that you can make informed and immediate decisions, reason, communicate, calculate and make valid judgements.  

Did you know that unless you incorporate a strategy to keep your brain alive it will slowly die just like a dwindling business relationship that has lost its fire?

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