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Spiritual practice has its roots in teaching us to stay in our greatest challenge and overcome it rather than fleeing. But what does that look like? How can you stay in your challenge with courage, action and above all self trust?

Here’s the second of my 8 steps to managing a challenging life and rising above it.

Remember...You’re Not Alone

As Michael Jackson sang, “You are not alone, I am here with you.”  

There are few people on this earth who have found their success as a one man/woman band working in complete isolation and successfully manifesting their intentions. Can you think of someone?

With so many different ways to seek help these days, we really do have less reasons to feel unworthy or unable to cope if we need to ask for help. Michael Jackson did his best to remind us that we don’t have to be alone.

Help is Always Out There

When you’re experiencing challenging times, look around you and notice who or what is available. Depending on the challenge you’re experiencing, consider sharing your concerns with friends or family or if it’s business related why not become a part of a specialist or mastermind group that can offer you relevant support and guidance.

Maybe it’s accountability you’re seeking so why not team up with a like-minded friend or colleague so that you can both account to each other as ‘Accountability Buddies’.

Take note that there may also be times during challenges where you feel unable to detangle the swirling thoughts in your head and this is where the expertise of a Life Coach can really be helpful as you lay everything out in plain sight and untangle it all with their guidance and support.

If however your challenge is very specific and can be resolved by hearing someone else’s experience of what you’re going through then perhaps it’s a mentor you’re looking for. They can offer solutions that worked for them and suggest relevant options that may work for you.  There’s also support groups available whether online or in your local area so don’t hesitate to make contact if they can assist you too.

The bottom line here is......take action and seek help so that you can ask for help!!

The Consequence of No Action

But what happens if you don’t take action?

Well, it’s the easiest way to become powerless and feel out of control really.

By taking action you become present to the situation at hand and when you go one step further and take ‘right action’ aka ‘guided action’ you’ll manifest the outcome you desire with purpose.

What do I mean?

Well, ‘right’ or ‘guided action’ gets the results and change you focus on achieving rather than the results and change you hope will happen without action. It is action that can prevent procrastination, overthinking, over planning plus overcoming those overwhelming feelings of fear.

Is it actually possible to overcome fear?

In this instance Kevin Kleiches, Huffington Post suggests that when you stop acting like you know what we’re doing all the time you surrender to ignorance thus creating the best way to overcome your fears. Once you take away the stress of thinking you should know everything, there’s much more chance of actually enjoying what you’re doing... resulting in the ‘right/guided action’.  

By allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you provide an authentic environment for change to flourish in without the internal negative dialogue that often holds you back. I mean, when you don’t know, you simply don’t know and being open to this can rekindle self belief in your ability to cope with all the challenges that come your way.

So if you’re living with a challenge right now that seems impossible to overcome, remember first that nothing in life is permanent and it too shall pass. You don’t need to know the answer. Just need to be willing to find it.

Reminder Of Why You’re Not Alone

Every challenge is experienced differently by different person because we're all individuals. Even so, the outcome of fear/inaction or courage/action is generally the either ends in disaster or resolution.

So when you're presented with a challenge in the future, take a few minutes to remind yourself of the following.


1.     Ask for relevant help

2.    Take ‘right and guided action’

3.    Stop acting like to you know everything

4.    Trust and believe that you’re very capable of overcoming whatever it is that you’re presented with when you’re willing to try and seek out solutions

Make the IMPOSSIBLE the POSSIBLE and become the CAUSE not the EFFECT.

To find out more about how you can take action every time you’re faced with a challenge, I highly recommend the following link by Kyle Escenroeder, StartupBros about how to take positive, right action.

It’s also available as a PDF there for reading on the go.

Thank you for reading my blog. I’d love to know your thoughts on overcoming challenges. Why not post your comments on this page.

Next month: Step 3 – Shifting the Negativity Bias