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Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching is a conversation-based approach to moving you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

It's a way of finding clarity, getting out of your head, reflecting, discovering and stepping into self-awareness. Sometimes it's action, motivation and goal-orientated and at other times it's about exploration where the purpose is unknown and discovered at a later date.

Coaching is however not mentoring or counselling.

Mentoring is where the mentor's knowledge and experience dominate, where advice is offered and where that advice is often related to a profession.  Counselling is where the focus is on the past, usually of an emotional nature, open-ended and about understanding that experience and how it affects today's actions.  

This is where coaching differs.  It unblocks and unlocks true potential and supports the journey of taking action for positive future change.  

Coaching takes you from ordinary to excellent, outstanding and extraordinary.  It's collaborative, non-judgemental, non-advisory and confidential.  It's challenging, inspiring, revealing, explorative, person-centred, client led, purposeful and outcome focused.

Have you ever considered starting a business but never....? Are you still in a job that's sucking you dry but never....?  Are you being bullied but never....? Would you like to start a new relationship but never....? Are you still on that diet but never....? Would you like to find your sparkle again after pregnancy, redundancy, divorce, illness, a death but never....? Is what could serve you wholeheartedly right in front of you but you never.... The 'never' list is endless and it's a destination where the sun rarely shines.

What if you could understand why it hasn't happened yet?

Nicolette Wilson-Clarke

Why Choose Me?

I've spent much of my professional career coaching or mentoring individuals in some way or another.

I've also felt unsure, confused, mentally imbalanced, challenged with life choices and unable to make sense of thoughts.  I get why you might consider a coach and how beneficial that time might be.

I understand what it's like to feel lost on the journey to a goal and then find clarity and success.  You see, I've had a coach too. That coach has helped me map out my goals, visions and dreams and has supported my experience. They believed in my abilities and not my negative self-talk that created fear and inertia.

I'd like to do this with you. 

Coaching is about NOW and creating your future POWERFULLY.

Coaching is LIFE CHANGING.

Get in touch with me today if this resonates with you. It doesn't matter how vague your thoughts are. You might just feel that something needs to shift and like to explore further.

Click on the below link to arrange a 30 minute free 'Exploration Chat'.  During this chat we'll have the opportunity to get to know each other and start the process of understanding what really lights your fire.