group private yoga class

In group yoga and Pilates classes, Nicolette brings the class to you eliminating travel and adding convenience.

This service is very different from Workshops where more detail and time is spent on the content of the session and the participants' experience is much deeper.

Each group session:

  • Lasts from between 45 minutes to 90 minutes
  • Can be tailored to the group's needs
  • Can take place at your venue of choice 
  • Can occur at your preferred time
  • Can be delivered with a specific focus in mind

Nicolette works with dance companies, businesses and friends/loved ones.  Details are outlined below.

All sessions must have 24 hours cancellation notice to avoid charges and must be paid in full irrespective of group member attendance.

dance companies/rehearsals

dance rehearsal image

Nicolette's role within a dance company or rehearsal time is primarily a prevention and positive holistic health service. Her empowering hands-on and dedicated approach to the nourishment of each performer will ensure that they feel competent enough to self-care during times of stress and challenge. This removes much of the responsibility away from the Choreographer/Artistic Director and creates a shared ownership between dancers for the welfare of each individual.

Nicolette has previously consulted on the stage production of Tom Stoppard's The Hard Problem at the National Theatre in 2015, worked with the students at Arts Educational School, London as a faculty teacher and has recently been working with Olivier Award-winning hip-hop dance company Boy Blue Entertainments in preparation for their performance in April 2016 at the Barbican called A Night with Boy Blue.

dance image ballet feet

Benefits of Private Yoga and Pilates within Dance Companies/Rehearsals

. Emotional and physical nourishment . Increased confidence to express positively through body and voice . Create a positive culture towards health and well-being between dancer/actor and other company members . Reduced incidences of injury


Nicolette is also available to work with professional musicians during tours and residential gigs.  Tension in jaw, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and feet can reduce optimum performance however with regular treatment they can be successfully relieved.

Group Prices - Dance Companies/Rehearsals/Musicians

Yoga & Pilates Classes

  • £20 per dancer/musician per session for group sessions based on a minimum of 5 dancers/musicians
  • £60 per dancer/musician per session for 30 minutes private one-ones
  • £90 per dancer/musician per session for 60 minutes private one-ones

Please contact Nicolette for a chat about pricing if you have a unique opportunity you'd like to explore.


staff meditating

Would you like to increase productivity having observed the frequency of afternoon blues and lack of motivation amongst your staff? Nicolette's Yoga for Increased Energy at lunchtimes would be the perfect remedy.

Or maybe you're concerned about the number of sick days your staff are taking off due to back pain or other physical ailments? Pilates for Injury Prevention or Pilates for Stronger Backs could contribute towards a reduction in staff absenteeism.

It might be that you'd like to build stronger relationships between your staff members.  Partner Assisted Yoga could break down barriers that might be preventing smooth communications within your team.  This could be perfectly incorporated into a future Team Building Day as a Workshop.

More and more companies are now realising that both yoga and Pilates can positively improve the health and well-being of their staff.  They understand that by investing in the health of their staff they are improving their employees' performance together with the success of their business.

yoga pilates benefits


Benefits of Private Yoga and Pilates within Organisations: 

. Staff bonding . Improved health and well-being of staff . Team building . Encourages self-discipline . Convenience . No intimidating yoga or health clubs . Increased staff morale . Reduced stress . Reduced absenteeism . Improved concentration . Happier staff


Group Prices - Companies

Yoga & Pilates Classes

  • 45 minutes - £150 per session (minimum 10 people)
  • 60 minutes - £200 per session (minimum 10 people)
  • 90 minutes - £300 per session (minimum 10 people)

For groups over 20 people and anything else, please contact Nicolette to discuss.  All of the above can also be delivered as a Workshop.

friends and LOVED ONES 

friends and loved ones

Quality Time

Working privately with Nicolette is also perfect for friends or loved ones who would like to exercise together away from a gym, health club or yoga venue plus spend quality time together.

Long term health clubs and yoga venue memberships can be quite expensive when you don't use them.  Regular private group sessions with two to five friends or loved ones can be a wonderful and disciplined way to ensure that you nurture your mind and body without excuses plus stay connected to those special people around you.

Cost Efficiency

If budget is a concern then it's also a very financially savvy way to maintain a regular exercise regime with the support of those around you and without losing any quality of service.  

pilates groups

Benefits of Friends and Loved Ones Private Groups:

. Encourages self motivation . Encourages self discipline . Quality and scheduled time together . Shared interest . Convenience . Improved health and well-being . No intimidating yoga or health clubs . Increased mental tolerance levels . cost efficient

As good as our intentions are, it is becoming more and more challenging to make time for the people we care about.  Incorporating yoga or Pilates sessions into your weekly schedule would be a productive and rewarding way of ensuring that you stay positively connected to those you love as well as yourself.

yoga couple

Group Prices - Friends and Loved Ones

  • 45 minutes - £150 per session (2-5 people)
  • 60 minutes - £200 per session (2-5 people)
  • 90 minutes - £300 per session (2-5 people)

PUBLIC classes

Nicolette also teaches yoga and Pilates classes weekly around London at various top yoga or health, fitness and well-being venues plus her own in Vauxhall.