18 MARCH 2017

Thank you so much again for inviting me to your workshop today, it was a wonderful experience and I feel so grateful to have had it so soon after you’ve begun teaching me.

I feel like I’m on a road to transformation and today further propelled the process.

You are so supportive and nurturing and have the ability to create a very safe-feeling environment. I think this enabled me to let go a little bit today.
I personally found the first part great, but hard. It was my first time being properly away from my baby so it took me a little while to settle. But I do feel that you centred me with your dialog and eventually I found I was quite lost both in my thoughts and in stillness.

I was in so much physical pain up until the break and during the second part I felt it go. That was pretty magical, thank you! My intention/resolution is to let go - I’ve been holding on to so much - and you helped me to do just that.

Meditation is super challenging for me so I appreciated you incorporating visualisation, that was very powerful. I also appreciated your flexibility in terms of letting us do what we needed - whether that be have a drink, jot something down or change position. It made the prospect of confronting myself for 3 hours much more manageable!

The space was great, so comfortable and cozy and the perfect setting. What a beautiful studio!

Thank you so very much again for including me in such an enlightening and transformative workshop.
— Courtney
Thank you lovely Nicolette for guiding and supporting me through my life journey.

This workshop was amazing and time went so quickly...felt like awakening into a new being.

Love the chocolate and chocolate ginger biscuits afterwards.

Loads of love

— Barbara xxx
A hugely powerful experience.

I am so pleased to have gifted this workshop to myself as a way to set and confirm my intentions for my 31st year (my birthday was yesterday).

Nicolette, you are an enchanting guide and I leave feeling a sense of peace I haven’t felt for some time. An absolute blessing to be able to attend.
— Hayley
Your workshop has put me back on track on the path I had set for myself.

You are incredibly special and I cannot thank you enough for helping me face what has been creating negative energy and holding me back.

I cannot wait for our next session. You’ve made me understand and respect the power within me.

With much thanks
— Priya

You are an inspiring person!

I am soooo grateful to meet you.

Your passion is contagious.

— Cidalia
Thanks Nicolette. This was my first meditation workshop.

As with all your workshops, this was well delivered. Really helped me to reset and cement my intentions.

Thanks so much.
— Sharon
Your manifestations as ‘Guru’ - Gu: (to dispel) ru: (ignorance) today has allowed me to bring to the fore something within which was always there but buried...

This ‘something’ is my own ability to empower and honour myself to dispel the internalisation of toxic thoughts and recognise the infinite possibilities of the soul.

For this, ‘namaste’

— Bobby xx
Thank you for taking the time to give your energy this afternoon. Feeling fully focussed and ready to embrace the future with positivity, stillness and compassion.
— Ed
Thank you, Nicolette for organising such a beautiful afternoon to allow the time and space to reconnect. I haven’t set any intentions this year, weeks passed by and I didn’t feel like I was growing or giving the time to myself to care.

Geogeous hours of meditation and clearing my thoughts.

— Gosia


You need to be ready to open up and dig deep; this may be unnatural for introverts who keep things close to our chest. Basically being ready to be vulnerable and open as the topics or main focus of each session can go anywhere! That was a refreshing experience.

Coaching with Nicolette meant that I had a shift in ideas, perceptions and views that I had held for many years turned on their head. Some were perceptions and not reality, some I viewed negatively but were actually positive characteristics and certainly strengths that I can and should play to.

I found Nicolette to be warm with superb listening skills. I felt super comfortable with her and I appreciated the emphasis made on feeling calm and therefore more ready to talk freely.
Nicolette gave me space to patiently unpick, understand and reformulate my burst of words and make sense of them! She always had an open mind.

Nicolette treated each element that came up with patience and did not make me feel like I was possibly moaning over trivial issues. She also made me accountable to certain solutions on lingering issues. I realise now that I need to just face the thing that is hanging over you – its probably not as scary / fearful as you think!
— Andrea, Project Manager
Nicolette was wise, warm and very patient with me. She taught me how to see things from a different perspective. I feel that I have had a paradigm shift, particularly on how I respond to situations and how I handle relationships. I would recommend Nicolette any day !!!
— Kara, Postgraduate Law Student
I had thought about coaching for a number of years, but was concerned about finding the right coach and it was just one of those things I kept putting off.

I was at a point in my life where I was feeling really stuck and unsure of what direction I should take or how to even get there. Coaching with Nicolette has really turned things around for me. She has a very calming influence and is easy to talk to. Nicolette listened to what resonated with me and would often recall back what I was saying. Sometimes when it’s played back it can really open your eyes and it helped me to focus on where I was and where I could improve.

Talking to someone outside your own social circle makes such a difference, your friends often agree with you & give their opinion whereas when you talk to a coach they bring the answers out of you.

Nicolette has a real talent for asking the right questions and is very encouraging when we discuss my progress. I mentioned I was task driven and she always ensured that we set tasks at the end of each session which really helped keep me motivated. I realise now that the answers are all within me; I just didn’t know how to find them.

Overall it has been a fantastic and motivating experience and throughout this whole process I really feel like I have grown considerably. I now have a clear vision of what I want to achieve and how I want to get there. I’ve learnt how to look at things in a different way and realise the impact that can have on my life. I have a completely different perspective.

Now I’m feeling incredibly motivated with a clear path in front of me and I’m excited about the future. I will definitely be recommended coaching to my friends and I’ll come back to coaching any time I feel there is an area in my life where I’m stuck or need a new direction.

I would encourage everyone to try it.
— Zoe, Property Manager
I would firstly recommend these sessions to someone that is perhaps struggling to achieve goals personally or professionally and who may find some life guidance and support... I would certainly recommend Nicolette as a coach in order to help with the above as she has a very positive attitude and easy to speak with. She is also extremely good at summarising thoughts in order to have takeaways from each session.

I found it extremely beneficial when I was given information that assisted me with a task. I got a lot out of Nicolette’s knowledge and materials that she could offer to support my needs.

Each session gave me the opportunity to discuss openly and honestly subjects that are important to me within my life, both personally and professionally. I feel I have now been given the tools required to help achieve my goals with a positive mind-set.
— Amie, Event Manager
My life and career has been relatively successful. However, in my early thirties I hadn’t appreciated that I had lost the connection with myself and what my ‘big picture’ was. I had been letting my health and fitness deteriorate, letting relationships guide my choices and not appreciating that I am in the driving seat of my life. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t introspectively discover it. To do that I needed someone who could coach me patiently, like a well informed friend, who would listen and get me to think pragmatically and make inspirational changes to my life.

I needed Nicolette!

She helped me to see my life in a different way – a re-prioritising of things important to me. Then she supported me with finding the right approaches to make meaningful changes and was there for me when things got challenging. Her approach is unique, she understands the body and mind, and how to remain focussed and think in a way that taps into who you really are.

I wholeheartedly recommend Nicolette as a coach!
— Ashley, Strategy Manager
Nicolette helped me order my thoughts and priorities when I was developing a new business idea. She also helped me with the creative process and was an excellent sounding board. This ultimately led to the development of the tag-line for the website. Nicolette was also able to seamlessly transition into helping me with some personal issues at a difficult time. She helped me gain clarity.

I find Nicolette to be an inspiring person and she brought this inspiration to the coaching sessions. She is insightful, challenging (in a good way), engaging, a very good listener and creative. Nicolette has an ability to turn a jumble of thoughts into cohesive action points and also can help with both creative thinking and personal issues. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicolette as a coach.
— Rob, Company Director/Entrepreneur/Blogger
Nicolette has really helped me focus on achievable goals and helped me create accessible actions which will change my life in the long run. She is very easy to talk to and has an amazing manner which never makes you feel judged. Even discussing painful and difficult topics became a positive experience because of her great listening and understanding.

I would highly recommend Nicolette to anybody. I feel Nicolette is an excellent coach and mentor who has certainly helped me begin to make permanent changes to the way I think and live my life day to day for the better. Nicolette has the perfect balance of professional coach and confidence and she also seems empathetic which comes across when’s she’s listening. I have met coaches and counsellors in the past and have never trusted them as much as I feel I can trust and be open with Nicolette.
— Sam, Actress
I found the sessions extremely, extremely helpful. It seems that I am another person, more open, less stressed. You made me confront my deeper, deeper feelings. You were so kind, so nice, you always gave me permission to stop. Your presence made me feel so comfortable that I just wanted to go for it! I trusted you and I reached for your hand, your heart which was so comfortable - you were there to help me.

You were so amazingly calm during my deeper thoughts, you gave me space and time. My relationship troubles are now resolved, my anxiety has vanished because I was always anxious without knowing why but we uncovered the causes of that. I was a bit apprehensive before the sessions being quite a closed person.

The lesson that I’ve learnt from our sessions is that if we don’t talk about our thoughts and feelings, we can’t live a free life. You encouraged me to be more confident with people, to confront everything with less stress and to bring awareness to my stresses. I feel really great thanks to you Nicolette and feel more aware of what’s going on in my heart, my mind, my soul, my everything.
— Isabel, Nanny


I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all the support and guidance you have given to me...and going the extra mile in helping me strengthen my back especially! Your passion and commitment to the practice is so clearly evident and is what keeps me so motivated in your classes.

Watching you is such a great reminder to me in extending humility and kindness to others and I feel grateful to enjoy practicing with you every week!

I wish you a wonderful festive break full of joy, health and happiness.
— Jay, Business Owner
Nicolette’s classes are one of the highlights of my week. With each pose she tells a story which allows you to feel the position, naturally correct yourself and understand what you’re trying to achieve as opposed to watching and replicating.

She has taught me to work with my own body, all its strengths and weaknesses and be grateful for what it allows me to achieve each day.

This has influenced my approach to training for long distance triathlons - yoga has become part of my lifestyle reducing the risk of injury as well as having positive mental benefits of taking time out of the work/life balance.

Learning it’s ok to rest has been hard but now taking a child pose or taking an unplanned day off from training has become as empowering as the achievement of pushing through.

Thank you for all your help. You have played huge part in helping me achieve my Ironman goals this year - both physically and mentally
— Hayley, South Bank University Staff
N -atural, nice, nominated Health Coach of the Year 2014
I -nspirational woman, yoga and Pilates teacher
C -lever, courageous, courteous, contemporary, always commited, carer
O -pen minded, observant, optimistic
L -oving, she will look after your body, mind and soul, giving you that kick, shake, hint to life
E -nergetic and enthusiastic in every class you will go to your essence and meet you again
T -errific, mix of tenderness and toughness
T -remendously talented
E -xcellent, simply extraordinary

— Sara, Teaching Assistant
Yoga with Nicolette made a huge positive difference to both my mind and body throughout my pregnancy and allowed me to have a natural pain relief free hypnobirth.
— Cathy, Partnership Manager (London Sport)
My body felt great as usual. My hips and legs felt freer and I also have much more clarity of mind (if that makes sense) after I have attended your yoga classes. I definitely need to do yoga on a regular basis which is one of my goals for this year.

Thanks again.
— Sharon, Administrative Executive
I have been working with Nicolette for just under a year and I find her practice very refreshing. She puts so much of her core values into making your session as productive as you can imagine and I don’t think I would have come this far without her. Of course one has to be dedicated but when you have a great teacher leading the way it only strengthens the root of your practice into the unknown. You are not scared to go outside of your comfort zone because you feel that with time and patience you will see the progression. Its quite unexplainable - you would have to be around her to see it.

Thank you Nicolette for always bringing peace, love and light to the mat.
— Mudita, Development Manager
Working with Nicolette has been great! She came as a referral. I was initially impressed at the amount of attention she paid to detail in finding out my exercise/nutritional patterns and why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Once we started to train together, I found the sessions challenging but fun. Nicolette gave me what I needed through motivation. Her expecting more of me helped me to raise my own expectations of myself and realize how fit I really could get! When I started to see results, it pushed me to work harder!

I loved the variety of our sessions as I’m quite adventurous. Because Nicolette is broadly skilled, we were able to work holistically with my body, using high impact, yoga, Pilates, boxing circuit and resistance work. It was good to never know what to expect... Kept me on my toes! Nicolette found out exactly what I needed and delivered it and more. She made physical workouts fun and tapped into what fuels me to reach the goals we had set and I reached them ahead of schedule! She totally superseded my expectations of a PT. If I could train with Nicolette every day, I would!!
— Michelle, Songwriter/Business Owner
Flexibility has always been my struggle but thanks to Nicolette and her techniques I managed to complete my Everest Trail in 2007 – STRAIGHT AND PROUD!

Thank you Nicolette.
— Angela, Administrator
Learning Pilates with Nicolette is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I learned to improve my posture, strengthen my muscles and calm my mind. I thoroughly recommend working with Nicolette and will recommend her to my friends and colleagues.
— Saffron, Receptionist
I decided to start working with Nicolette because I was sick of all the false starts I’d made with exercise regimes over the years. Whenever I thought I’d been making progress, I’d hit a wall after a while; mainly because I just didn’t know what to do apart from running on the treadmill which got boring after a while!

Nicolette gave me a few exercises as homework to start with and I expected more because I was so used to working hard as opposed to working smart. Every time I see Nicolette we do something different and I didn’t realise how important that was in keeping me motivated.

Since we started the programme my stamina’s increased and I find that I don’t get as stressed in my office, which is a benefit for everyone!
— Andrea, CEO - Media Executive
Excellent teacher. Well planned sessions that challenge but with tasks that are achievable.
— Justine, Director
Nicolette is one of the most inspiring people I have met in my life, she works with passion and dedication and she is able to transfer her energy to the students. Try one of her classes and you’ll feel more energized and happier. When you meet someone inspirational, you always come back.
— Francesca, Italian Teacher
This is a great class with a fantastic teacher! Nicolette is mindful of everyone in the class and can teach all levels in one session which makes the exercise safe and rewarding. I feel energised, stretched and relaxed at the end of the class; a great way to de-stress at the end of the week.
— Katie, Community Development Coordinator
Amazing! [workshop] Could not describe better.
— Sarah, Accountant
Once again your workshop has delivered. I came in tied up in knots and feel much looser.
— Maxine, Business Owner
Simply stunning! [workshop] Took me to another level. Lovely to reflect and enjoy what life has to offer. Will come again.

Thank you.
— Penelope, Lawyer


11 OCTOBER 2015

The Self Defence Workshop helped to give me an understanding of all the options I had. It was great to know the simple use of voice is a great deterrent. I will be practicing. Carla

Great Self Defence Workshop. Learned lots of tools and techniques to keep me safe. Sharon

The Self Defence Workshop has provided insight in to what can be done with guidance. Lots of ability to be forward thinking to protect yourself. Sal

Great and insightful Self Defence Workshop. I already feel more confident! Followed up by a relaxing yoga session to cool down and absorb the knowledge. Gosia

Great workshop! I had a great time and I feel confident to defend myself if I am being attacked. Thanks for organising it! Sonia

Thank you so much for such a friendly and safe environment for me to unleash my inner lioness! Perfect balance of yin and yang. I feel more confident and hope that I remember to shout!! Pamela x

What a brilliant day! Thank you so much for a really fulfilling yoga practise and for a great self defence class. I will take away some really useful tools - to take away today! Thank you so much! Kimberley


MAY 2015


13 MAY 2015

Just finished listening to you on the radio and I can say I LOVED it! It’s so good to have a positive focus and looking into what we are doing to fuel our bodies.

I went sugar free about six months ago when I went away.... and I felt so good. This brings it all back and helps explain to myself why I did it.

Click here to listen to the show.

Yoga and Handstand Workshop Feedback

22 February 2015

Confidence building. I feel newly inspired! Thank you.

Really good break down. Can’t wait to practice at home.

It was an amazing, amazing workshop!! Thank you so much.

Fabulous workshop!! I was really nervous going in, lacking the confidence to even attempt a handstand since childhood. However, I felt very safe throughout. Look forward to practising at home. Thanks!

Fantastic class - as always. It is all about the courage. Just go for it! Thanks.

Fabulous! Great fun and comprehensive - feeling way more confident with my handstand! Many thanks.

I absolutely loved it! The workshop has given me lots of confidence and was great fun. First time I’ve attempted a handstand in about 30 years. Please do another of these workshops again very soon!

This is the second time under the guidance of Nicolette that I have achieved what I thought impossible today. At age 46 I did my first handstand ever. Thank you!

This class was better than I expected. I suffer from weakness in my shoulder and it now feels like it’s had a good stretch and feels stronger. Thank you. Feel more confident to keep trying until I am fully standing on my hands unsupported. Really fun group and excellent instructions and support from the teachers.

So good Nic! Really feel inspired - inhaling courage, exhaling fear! I loved having the yoga practice at the start and at the end of the handstand practice. You got the timing of the workshop perfect. Mark was fabulous! Really nice dynamic being taught by two teachers - two energies. Thank you so much lovely!

Excellent workshop - great balance of yoga to start then the handstands tutorial and the finishing off. I started the class feeling a little nervous but ended feeling invigorated and calm. I love the use of poems/insightful thoughts and anecdotes. Highly recommend. The teaching was the perfect balance of getting you to just ‘do it’ whilst being very supportive. Thank you.

Excellent workshop. It was nice doing the mix of yoga and handstands. The teaching was great, the atmosphere was fab and I just feel energised and renewed by it. Thank you so much. I just feel so good. I was supported throughout and have loved it.

Thank you for an amazing workshop. The environment that was created allowed me to feel empowered to progress into a handstand forward roll. Something that i never thought I could do. I have done a few workshops but never found the environment safe and supportive. Great teaching!

Thanks again for this workshop. Fantastic teaching from both you and Mark. Feel much more confident and will practice handstands at home. As I am sitting at my desk I already feel stronger in my core section and inspired to push my yoga learning further.


22 JUNE 2015

The most wonderful and inspiring yoga teacher. An example in every respect of the high levels we should all hope to achieve in every aspect of life. Truly congruent - A pleasure.

Thank you Nicolette! It was a great workshop! Great atmosphere and energy! (As usual by the way). I feel light now and a smile easily sits on my face!! Hips relaxed, light and ready to enjoy life. Big hug. Happy to attend the next workshop.

Thank you so much Nico, it was a wonderful experience, highly recommended!

A big thank you Nico, it is a new me going home now. Completely energised, in balance, in peace with my self and the world.

What can I add...Just a huge thank you to you Nico as I felt even more than I was expecting from this workshop...energy, focus and love...Hips feeling great and ready to conquer life.


1 JUNE 2012

Loved the size of the class ensuring attention to detail by the teacher. Needed time to myself to align with my source. Thank you Nicolette. You’re an amazing teacher - I felt supported every second of the way. Rose

It was as peaceful as I had expected. Thank you Nicolette! I had a great yoga weekend and am ready for the weeks ahead. P.S. Thanks for the goody bag too - what a lovely surprise! Safija

Thanks Nicolette. I had a great time. Looking forward to the next one x. Melanie

It’s a wonderful experience and I am glad I came. Saffron

I am recommending Nicolette....to everyone.

Enjoyed the pair work on the lungs. Good to break postures down and find new sensations.... Loved the extended classes.