YOGA comes from the Sanskrit (ancient Hindu language) word 'yuj' which means to yoke, to unite, to be whole.  It creates a pathway for you to follow where you can find and connect with your true identity also known as your Sat Nam.   Through the physical and mental practice of yoga and a deeper connection to breath a re-connection to self can occur.

Fundamentally, the practice of yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively in any one direction without distractions therefore gaining control over thoughts and ultimately finding inner peace.  We use the physical practice of yoga to prepare the body so that the energy channels are open and the mind can receive the flowing energy via the spine freely.

Yoga has many benefits:

. Stronger mind and body . Increased flexibility . Improved posture . Reduced injuries . Relaxation . Reduced stress . Relieved back pain . Increased energy . Improved sleep . Controlled weight . Improved concentration . Reduced symptoms of depression . Toned organs . Delayed ageing