yoga one-to-one

lady in child pose

Starting with a private consultation, Nicolette will explore what your objectives and needs are.  Once this foundation has been laid, she will be able to devise a bespoke yoga practice that will be sensitive to your present mind and body.  It will take into consideration the journey you wish to take and can incorporate Nicolette's expertise in Pilates as well. 

Your intention may be to strengthen weak muscles, increase flexibility, release stress or tension from repetitive actions, increase energy levels, combat insomnia, recover from injury, improve concentrate or perhaps just find a scheduled time for you.

Whatever your objectives, these One-to-One sessions will ground and prepare your mind and body for the everyday challenges you experience.

Benefits of One-to-One sessions with Nicolette

  • The session is all about you and your journey
  • Each session will be underpinned by your objectives set out in the initial consultation
  • Each session will be at a time and place convenient to you
  • Each session will allow you to work at your own pace
  • Each session will be co-created with you acknowledging any unique limitations
  • Each session will ensure that postures and movements are customised to your present body’s ability 
  • Each session will be underpinned by the intention of empowerment so that you leave feeling stronger mentally and physically
  • Each session will be based on your objectives and outcomes and completely bespoke to you 



One-to-One sessions will take place at the venue of your choice lasting from between 30 to 90 minutes so there's every opportunity to slot it into your day. All sessions will require 24 hours notice cancellation to avoid being charged.


Cheetah (Express Time) 30 minutes - £60 per session


Gazelle (Gracious Time) 60 minutes - £85 per session


Tortoise (Slow and Quality Time) 90 minutes - £105 per session